The Ecosystem of SANSHU is backed by an effort of uniting people through a creative vision that aims to change the idea of what it means to be a cryptocurrency. Usually in the space there ranges a wide spectrum of high interest, privacy, and fully decentralized oriented protocols that revolutionized the world of DEFI. However, there has yet to come a mascot solution to educate individuals who are new to the world of crypto to fully comprehend the many possibilities of blockchain and it’s marvelous potential.

This is where SANSHU comes into the picture, and aims to solve this problem through Education, Entertainment, and DEFI. To become a reputable figure for the next generation to come. “The Myth of SANSHU”, will emphasize the importance of uniting as one and freeing ourselves from a system that does not have our best interests at heart.

What has the team been up to this past month?

The month of January was a very important month for us. Sometimes in life in order to move forward, you need to take a step back and reassess. This choice has given us the ability to make well needed changes in reference to our project and what we aim to become. As excited as we were for the release of WOOFDATE 4.0, many within the community felt puzzled in regards to our explanation of Layer 2 and whether it would affect and dilute the current Layer 1 token. Hearing the response from the community, we’ve decided it’s best to halt the Layer 2 SANAVA token and focus solely on the Community Token.

Our dApps “Dog Park” however, will be migrated to Avalanche so we can later have higher APYs and staking solutions for our community which is great news. We’ve also decided to take a DAO approach with our Community in our later phases which will allow for the community to make decisions on how we continue moving forward. More details will be shared in our Official Whitepaper releasing Early Q2.

Yokai Collection NFTs

In December we launched our first set of NFT’s which was the Yokai Collection. The funding from the NFT’s was proposed to expand Development, Marketing, and More. We once again would like to thank everyone that took part in the Phase One Presales of the Yokai Collection and supported our initiative to take this project to the Metaverse.

For those who are unaware, we’ve decided to take a different route with the Tower Defense Game that was originally shared in our WOOFDATE 4.0. Upon discussing with the team of designers over at SANSHU STUDIOS, we felt it was best that the Tower Defense should not be our first product. Rather, we create something that will allow for the audience to fully immerse themselves into a whole new world. Our final decision was to create an Open World like experience that would greatly be appreciated as we later market our campaign to Crowdfund.

How has the team utilized funding from Phase 1 so far?

Phase One funding has been very helpful for the project thus far! The list includes:

  • Hiring a new Smart Contract Developer from Japan named Michael. Him as well as our current Developer Connor, have successfully finalized the smart contracts for Layer 2 that we will soon use later in our Roadmap.
  • Partnership with Marketing Agency Aquatik Studios, who’ll work asides SANSHU STUDIOS to market our future campaigns and products . With a 22 Million Monthly outreach across socials and reputable Partners such as “Respawn”, “NORTON GAMING”, “REDBULL”, “HPAY powered by Chase”, and “Corsair” we firmly concluded this was the right choice for the next phase of our Yokai Collection.
  • Recruitment of new Professional Writers to the team to ensure quality of storytelling is superb.
  • Last but not least, Gaming Studio Maochi Games who originally created our Tower Defense Game, is now transitioning to an MMORPG Open World like game for “The Myth of SANSHU”. We firmly felt it was best to make this change to thoroughly emphasize the lore of the story and to further immerse the audience.

Marketing for Phase 2 is critical for the success of our project, and we will ensure current investors of the Phase One are rewarded for their trust and commitment they have in our vision. We’ve also been working on the website revamp for the NFT Portal which will be released soon.

When can we expect the release of the LitePaper and WhitePaper?

Our Litepaper is Available here. As for the WhitePaper, we expect for the release to be no later than Early Q2!

Any news on Partnerships?

We have recently been reached out by Unstoppable Domains for partnership. Details will be shared soon, but they are very reputable in the crypto space which is great news for our Community.

We are also in talks with Studios in the Entertainment Industry as well, and will share more details in the coming weeks.

Release of Non Blockchain Related Products

Project M


“Project M” which is a music related project is currently underway. More details will be shared later on. 😉


Overall, we wanted to thank everyone for their dedication to SANSHU and believing in our efforts. We are well on our way to show the world the exciting prospects of this project and the amazing decentralized community behind it. Let’s continue this journey together, the SANSHU way 💓.




Welcome to the Official Sanshu Inu Medium! The Community Powered Kawaii Deflationary Crypto 💜

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Welcome to the Official Sanshu Inu Medium! The Community Powered Kawaii Deflationary Crypto 💜

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